Watercolor Classes & Workshops

Sherri Bails Watercolor class

Beginning Watercolor

Federal Way Parks and Recreation

Wednesdays 1— 3pm

register online at Federalwayparks.org

Beginning Watercolor

Peninsula Metropolitan Parks in Gig Harbor

Tuesdays 10— 12pm

register online at penmetparks.org

Continuing Watercolor

Two Classes on Mondays :
Pen Met Parks in Gig Harbor

Mondays 10—12pm
Mondays 1—3pm

register online at penmetparks.org

Advanced Watercolor

At Pen Met Parks in Gig Harbor

Thursdays 10—12:00pm

register online at penmetparks.org

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A list of subjects taught at workshops:

  • Learn about a focal point
  • Learn to prepare a “plan” (a value sketch)
  • Learn to design positive and negative shapes
  • Learn to incorporate design elements: size, shape, color, direction, line, and texture
  • Learn about design principles of dominance, variety, unity
  • Learn the basics of painting barns, sheds, and old buildings
  • Learn how to paint landscape basics—ground, grasses, trees, skies, and mountains
  • Learn how to paint the clouds
  • Learn to paint rowboats and fishing boats
Color Theory: using your own subjects 
  • Design with triads
  • Work with values: black, white,and gray
  • The grays of colors
  • Learn to use and balance warm and cool colors
  • Learn to paint garden views (winding paths, rows of flowers, floral scenes)
  • Learn how to paint flowers, up close and personal (a la Georgia O’Keefe)
  • Paint a still life from a real floral bouquet
Still Life—Serendipity or Arranged
  • Finding vignettes in the arrangement of  discovered objects
  • Learn to set up a still life
  • Paint faces and portraits
  • figure studies
  • Hands, feet, and body proportions
  • Learn how to paint water—lakes, streams, waterfalls
  • Waterscapes—Reflections
  • Learn how to paint foliage and boat reflections
  • Learn how to paint pounding surf seascapes
How to Make Good Paintings Better
  • Critique of work
  • Learning how to ”fix” areas and when to leave them alone
Painting Plein Air
  • How to Paint Outside
  • What to bring…and what NOT to bring
  • Learning to do a quick value sketch
  • Learning how to paint outside…simple subjects
  • How to paint vignettes
  • Journaling to create a mood
  • Journaling—using pen and ink
Sherri Bails Watercolor class